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"Having suffered a traumatic accident and subsequent injuries at the beginning of May, I began to experience panic attacks, struggled with sleeping without constantly recalling the incident and felt quite emotionally vulnerable. I was advised to try EMDR therapy and was recommended to Jennifer. I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical prior to my first session as I had neither considered any form of counselling before nor fully understood the benefit that it could bring having been brought up with the mantra of 'pull yourself together and get over it'. From the outset I found Jennifer extremely supportive and compassionate and was able to open up to her about the trauma and the resultant anxiety that I had been suffering. I am amazed that with Jennifer's support and guidance, it took only 4 sessions for me to be able to work through the trauma and, whilst not forgotten, there is no longer any anxiety attached to it and I feel far more emotionally stable. Jennifer taught me that it is not a sign of weakness to acknowledge and ask for help and I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this particularly emotionally challenging chapter of my life". - Mrs H, Bicester.

"EMDR was something I'd heard about and been intrigued by, and as Jennifer was explaining it to me before the first attempt, I found myself fairly sceptical. And then as soon as we started, the scepticism was gone, as I felt like the present melted away and I was dropped immediately into my childhood. There is no way to "fake it," or cheat the system. It's direct, it's potent, and it's effective. Things I'd been able to talk about for years in therapy, I was suddenly able to *feel* my way through. Therefore, the EMDR therapy didn't teach me a new way to hold old traumas, it finally allowed me to put them down once and for all. When I think about those things now, they're not charged, and therefore they don't control the way I feel about and respond to present situations. It's been a surprising, enlightening, productive couple of months. I'm grateful for your help." - M, Oxford.

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