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"Having suffered a traumatic accident and subsequent injuries at the beginning of May, I began to experience panic attacks, struggled with sleeping without constantly recalling the incident and felt quite emotionally vulnerable. I was advised to try EMDR therapy and was recommended to Jennifer. I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical prior to my first session as I had neither considered any form of counselling before nor fully understood the benefit that it could bring having been brought up with the mantra of 'pull yourself together and get over it'. From the outset I found Jennifer extremely supportive and compassionate and was able to open up to her about the trauma and the resultant anxiety that I had been suffering. I am amazed that with Jennifer's support and guidance, it took only 4 sessions for me to be able to work through the trauma and, whilst not forgotten, there is no longer any anxiety attached to it and I feel far more emotionally stable. Jennifer taught me that it is not a sign of weakness to acknowledge and ask for help and I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this particularly emotionally challenging chapter of my life". Mrs H.

"EMDR was something I'd heard about and been intrigued by, and as Jennifer was explaining it to me before the first attempt, I found myself fairly sceptical. And then as soon as we started, the scepticism was gone, as I felt like the present melted away and I was dropped immediately into my childhood. There is no way to "fake it," or cheat the system. It's direct, it's potent, and it's effective. Things I'd been able to talk about for years in therapy, I was suddenly able to *feel* my way through. Therefore, the EMDR therapy didn't teach me a new way to hold old traumas, it finally allowed me to put them down once and for all. When I think about those things now, they're not charged, and therefore they don't control the way I feel about and respond to present situations. It's been a surprising, enlightening, productive couple of months. I'm grateful for your help." Miss M.

“EMDR has such a positive impact on my relationship and sex life. It helped me change the way I see my body, which resulted in more self confidence and intimacy. I am grateful for Jennifer’s encouragement and expertise. I would definitely recommend EMDR to anyone who has body image issues.” Miss E.

“Two years ago, I was bullied badly at work. Since then, I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. After a short course of EMDR treatment with Jennifer, I was able to put the trauma behind and hold a positive belief about my self-worth as a successful entrepreneur.” Mr. R.

"I always felt very welcomed by Jennifer and we had a good connection. Jennifer understood well where I needed help and the suggested therapy was tailored to my needs. I was overwhelmingly pleased with the outcome of my sessions. The energy work we did cleared all of my energy blocks and the EMDR sessions helped me resolve my generational trauma. I am very happy I have met you and I am grateful for all your help. I would strongly recommend your service and I have already suggested you to my friends". Miss S.

"Therapy was something I never thought I needed, but after attending sessions with Jennifer I now realized I only survived during the stressful times in my life, I never thrived. Jennifer has taught me so many useful skills, including EMDR techniques that are extremely beneficial to put in to practice when stressed or overwhelmed. Now I don't overthink and stress about choices I need to make and I also know how to calm myself when feeling anxious. Working with Jennifer was an absolute joy. I always looked forward to our sessions, and I'm impressed to see what we were able to accomplish in just two months." Mrs P

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“Jennifer was so very determined to solve my issues. She is so passionate about the EMDR therapy that she provides that I was readily able to trust her. EMDR has helped me overcome my anxiety about driving and restore my self-confidence when going out and mixing with people. I am now a more confident and positive driver and look forward to going places. I also feel safe and relaxed enough to have my grandchildren travel in the car with me. Jennifer was sent to me from God above. She filled my heart with so much love. I am now back at work and feel like I have my life back. If you consider EMDR therapy, do not hesitate. This will change your life - for the better.” Mrs T.

“EMDR has been life changing. It enabled me to work through my fear of ‘out of control and anxiety around harming myself and death’. It also helped me process my childhood hurt and upset of not being liked and guilty feelings of letting others down. I am now back to being myself carrying feelings of power in my life.” Mrs L.

“After suffering with PTSD for many years (from a previous abusive marriage) and experiencing ongoing horrific nightmares, I contacted my GP. I was put on antidepressants and over time the dosage increased as my anxiety and the severity of my nightmares increased. My GP referred me to a therapist who suggested I had EMDR treatment. I researched this treatment on the internet and had mixed feelings about it. I contacted Jennifer and she quickly reassured me that EMDR was an effective treatment. I found Jennifer a wonderful person. She explained everything in layman’s terms and was very easy to talk to. She never judged me on anything I said, just encouraged me to talk honestly. My first session was just discussing my life and feelings. The EMDR started at my second session. After that session I felt light headed and rather emotional. Immediately, my nightmares were less horrific as my body was not reacting to the fear. The night sweats and racing heart were dramatically reduced. As the sessions progressed, the dreams became more bearable. My daytime mood improved as I had more satisfying sleep and reduced anxiety. After a few sessions, I already felt ready to consider reducing my antidepressants (under my doctor’s supervision) and now I am on a lower dose of my antidepressants. Although I still have the occasional nightmare, I don’t have the flashbacks, sweats, racing heart or teeth grinding. I am not afraid to go to bed, and I have a good night’s sleep (6 weeks’ after my EMDR therapy).” Mrs T.

"Jennifer is a very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable therapist that provides excellent EMDR treatment. This helped to treat my symptoms related to developmental trauma, where I had been experiencing anxiety and depression as a result. Following the therapy course, myself and all my loved ones have noticed I look, act and feel more ‘myself’. My symptoms would never have gone away without this EMDR therapy, as I’d tried various other techniques that had never directly addressed the trauma and processed it. I’m so happy that I chose Jennifer as an EMDR therapist and would wholeheartedly recommend her services". Mrs B