Couple and Relationship Counselling Testimonials

"Jennifer is the perfect person for marriage and relationship counselling. Our new marriage was on the rocks, but seeking Jennifer's services really helped us communicate better. She is fair to both parties and always positively interprets both point of views. We are doing better now than when we first started dating." E and H.

"After 19 years together, two children, and a bruising few years of health and other difficulties, we found that we were deeply unhappy and had lost the connection between us;... Read More " - Mr and Mrs B.

"Thank you to Jennifer for her understanding and support, never taking sides, but with an incredible ability of pinpointing in a helpful way where we can improve our relationship." - F and J.

"Jennifer's excellent presence and skills, encouraging and helping us to cope with difficult feelings and move towards greater closeness and intimacy. Our lives are transformed, and we will always remember you and your help and kindness." - G and L.

"We will be forever grateful to Jennifer for her support to help us lay the groundwork for a more successful marriage. We met very frequently with Jennifer, both as individuals and as a couple, where she helped us realize how much our past affected our present. In a very short period of time, thanks to Jennifer, we learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and about ourselves as a couple, and came to a better understanding of what is needed for happiness in our marriage and in our lives. Her wisdom and guidance brought us to communicate better so that we can confront issues facing our marriage as a team rather than as individuals. Thank you Jennifer!" - Mr. and Mrs. W.

"Jennifer gave us a safe space to explore our feelings and emotions. Jennifer helped us explore what might be negatively impacting our relationship, from both sides, and got us to look at how this might be affecting or be perceived by the other person. This has led to better understanding of each other and overall a better relationship....Read More " - Mr and Mrs S.

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"Jennifer was able to affirm both of us without ever taking sides. We appreciate her supportive and non-judgmental nature and that it was our best interests she was interested in." - Mr and Mrs D.

"We have really, honestly valued our time with you Jennifer and the effort you have put in to helping us sort out our problems. We are both in a much happier place and we are so happy we booked that first session with you! You have such a lovely and supportive manner and we will most definitely recommend you to anyone if ever they are struggling with similar issues as we were. Many thanks again and all the best for the coming year." Mr and Mrs T.

"I'm very happy with Jennifer's counselling. Through her professional way of listening, assessing and diagnosis, I reached the very root cause of my problem and managed to solve it. Her gentle way made me feel secure and very relaxed. The hypnotherapy I had with her was marvellous with very positive outcomes. Also, she is a very good mediator for couple's issues. She taught me and my husband a very efficient way of communicating to overcome conflicts. I very much recommend her to all that seek counselling in any walk of life." Mrs V.