Psychosexual Therapy Testimonials

"Jennifer was extremely empathetic, understanding and supportive throughout the process. She saw and reflected on our problems immediately and provided clear and expert guidance. The psychosexual treatment plan that she gave to us was easy to follow, never made us feel awkward or uncomfortable and provided clear, achievable goals. Working through sensitive issues with Jennifer was crucial to our long-term well-being and the success we have achieved. Thanks to her commitment which is fully appreciated." Mr and Mrs S.

"Dear Jennifer I want to let you know our good news - I gave birth to a little baby girl on 25th October. As you know, this would very likely not have been possible without your help and we will always be grateful to you for the part you played in bringing her into our lives. We are all doing well and seem to be coping OK with the lack of sleep, we are utterly in love with her and could not be happier. With our sincere thanks and very best wishes." Mr & Mrs B.

"Dear Jennifer, thank you so much for all your non-judgemental skilled help. It has made so much difference in our lives and lead to a great improvement in our intimacy and sex life." Mr and Mrs N.

"One of the most helpful aspects of sex therapy was that Jennifer helped me gain better understanding of sex and sexuality. That it is more about accepting of myself and being comfortable with my sexual being. Mindfulness was also a great suggestion, which really helped me to be in tune with my body and the self-focus exercises enable me to be aware of sensations that I had not noticed before." Miss M.

“We liked the relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. Sex therapy has helped us feel more comfortable discussing our likes/dislikes and exploring our sexuality. Going through this process has enabled us to get closer and rediscover our intimacy for each other”. B and K

"Jennifer is kind and gentle and allows a safe place to express my emotions and confusion without assumption and judgement. She makes sure the sessions are run at the pace an individual can cope with and never makes one feels uncomfortable. She is also very skilled and intuitive and is able to figure out what the client needs. I am deeply grateful for the time spent with her". Mrs. R

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"Sex therapy was a great approach to changing my mentality about sex in general as well as for specific sexual problem. The initial history taking was made less daunting and challenging by the warmth and genuine interest Jennifer showed. Jennifer gave very clear rationale of the treatment programme with appropriate tasks and instructions, which helped me make real progress every week." Mr. Z.

"Jennifer was very professional and made us feel comfortable... The regular sessions - and "homework" - really worked for us; in the sessions we were able to talk freely and discuss whatever issues arose... Read More " - Mr and Mrs V.

"Jennifer has a calm and warm approach; frank and direct when required. The treatment exercises helped to build gradually on our intimacy." Mr and Mrs G.

“This has been a very positive experience. Jennifer put us at ease quickly and effectively; she provided a warm safe environment for discussion. Jennifer was supportive, we always felt listened to, understood and guidance was given at appropriate stages of the sex therapy programme”. Mr and Mrs F.