Couple and relationship counselling

Having healthy and fulfilling relationships is essential for maintaining our positive sense of self and well-being. A good relationship is based on trust and mutual respect where you work as a team and in partnership through different stages of your relationship.

Conflicts and disagreements are common in healthy relationships. However, constant arguments and tension can put an enormous strain on relationships that could ultimately lead to separation and divorce.

• Are you in a relationship that offers you the love and support that you want?
• Do you find you and your partner having repetitive arguments that go
   around in circle?
• Is your relationship suffering from betrayal or an affair?
• Do you feel you are walking on eggs shells all the time?
• Do you create space to be intimate and well connected with each other?

As a certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist (EFT), in a safe and non-judgmental setting, I will help you:

• Communicate openly and freely with your partner
• Rekindle intimacy and desire in your relationship
• Heal the painful impact of an affair and rebuild trust
• Adapt to life stages changes
• Identify triggers of arguments and develop strategies to resolve conflicts
• Address domestic abuse
• Develop equal partnership in your relationship
• Come to terms with relationship breakup
• Cope with stresses that stem from difficult decisions about children or finances

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"Thank you to Jennifer for her understanding and support, never taking sides, but with an incredible ability of pinpointing in a helpful way where we can improve our relationship."
F and J, Oxford.

"Jennifer's excellent presence and skills, encouraging and helping us to cope with difficult feelings and move towards greater closeness and intimacy. Our lives are transformed, and we will always remember you and your help and kindness."
G and L, Oxford.