Here are some of the comments I've received from past and present clients.

"Jennifer offered a great environment of trust and freedom to express myself in ways I cannot always express to others. Her non-judgemental energy was essential for me. I felt I could really speak anything that was on my mind without hesitation or feeling that I would be seen in a negative way. This was most important for me as many other therapists I had in the past were the complete opposite. I also valued the calmness that the sessions brought me and a sense that for once someone showed empathy and understanding of my feelings. I do believe that every individual needs to be ready to go on in their own personal journey of self-development and wanting to make the changes and put the work in, otherwise no therapy will really help them. But I also believe that for us to want to make that change we need the right guidance. In the beginning perhaps I was still in doubt about making certain changes about myself but along the way, because of Jennifer’s professional and gentle way she led each session, I become more eager to make those changes. I felt safe and listened to. And even when looking back on childhood traumas that I had and was very aware of, she gave me new light into it and I was able to be in more harmony with my past and trust my own self more. I think our time together was crucial in my life and self-development. I was in a very dark place before we started, and I am in much better control of my emotions and thoughts now. I have not had any suicidal thoughts or feelings of upset with myself. I have learned to be calmer and think before reacting. I know self-development will continue throughout my life, but you really have helped me build the basis that I was missing. I will definitely recommend you, because it’s been a long time since I encountered such a supportive professional as yourself. Thank you so much for all your time and help." Miss D.

"Jennifer is the perfect person for marriage and relationship counselling. Our new marriage was on the rocks, but seeking Jennifer's services really helped us communicate better. She is fair to both parties and always positively interprets both point of views. We are doing better now than when we first started dating." - E and H.

"Dear Jennifer, thank you so much for all your non-judgemental skilled help. It has made so much difference in our lives and lead to a great improvement in our intimacy and sex life." - Mr and Mrs N.

"Thank you so much for your help and support over the last few months. You have helped me get my life back on track and words can't help describe how grateful I am. You are fabulous at your job and anyone who has the misfortune in their life will be lucky if they get to work with you on their recovery!" - Miss E.

"Thank you to Jennifer for her understanding and support, never taking sides, but with an incredible ability of pinpointing in a helpful way where we can improve our relationship." - F and J.

"Jennifer helped me to realise that my issues stemmed from my childhood and that these are not all my doing as they have affected me more than I realised whilst growing up." - Mr B.

"Jennifer offers a professional, trustworthy, non-judgemental service which got to the point very quickly and offered practical steps for (self) improvement. The sessions helped me to see what I was not able to see myself. For the first time, I was able to understand the symptoms I was experiencing and their root causes. Jennifer helped me to try some practical, initial steps which worked very well. Furthermore, Jennifer gave me a framework within which to work for the future. This experience has left me feeling uplifted and full of hope for the future. Thank-you so much! I would recommend Jennifer’s service to anybody seeking relationship advice." - Mr. S

"Jennifer's excellent presence and skills, encouraging and helping us to cope with difficult feelings and move towards greater closeness and intimacy. Our lives are transformed, and we will always remember you and your help and kindness." - G and L.

"Jennifer was not passive but challenged me and made me think differently about very many things. Thanks so, so much! You have genuinely helped me to change my life for the better!" - Ms B.

"From start to finish, this has been a valuable experience; helping me to tackle especially issues associated with work and improve my work/life balance." - Mr P.

“Jennifer was extremely empathetic, understanding and supportive throughout the process. She saw and reflected on our problems immediately and provided clear and expert guidance. The psychosexual treatment plan that she gave to us was easy to follow, never made us feel awkward or uncomfortable and provided clear, achievable goals. Working through sensitive issues with Jennifer was crucial to our long-term well-being and the success we have achieved. Thanks to her commitment which is fully appreciated.” - Mr and Mrs S.

"When I first visited Jennifer I wasn’t in a very good place. I had split up with my girlfriend, had deteriorating relationships with friends and family and had stopped doing the things I previously enjoyed. I’d been having therapy with someone else but hadn’t found myself able to truly open up about my issues. Straight away I really got the sense that Jennifer cared about me, believed that I am a good person with a lot to offer and that I could live a happy life if I trusted in the process. Throughout my therapy I became so much more self-aware and realised how my emotions affect how I act in a range of situations - this in turn helped me to make better decisions. I realised that binge drinking was having an effect on my mood and through hypnotherapy I managed to reduce it; and I am so much more comfortable in my conversations and interactions with people, which has helped me mend old relationships and build new ones. All in all I’ve had a fantastic experience and would recommend Jennifer wholeheartedly." - Mr C.

"This has been the most valuable journey and experience I have completed to date. I arrived feeling like a broken and lost person, struggling with anxiety and not knowing what to do with myself. I no longer felt comfortable sitting in my own skin and didn’t know the reasons for my pain. Jennifer listened and guided me through a very difficult journey of self-discovery, giving me tools and insight to deal with my pain. At times this process was very difficult to deal with but Jennifer persevered with me and made me feel normal again. I have had other therapy previously but this time the results were transformative. Jennifer multi sided approach to therapy really worked and the dark recesses are now a place of light and hope. Jennifer has been the stable and guiding rock through my toughest storm, when I faltered the support was there. I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough, whatever your reasons for needing support/help you will find it resides here." - Mr. N.

"Jennifer was able to affirm both of us without ever taking sides. We appreciate her supportive and non-judgmental nature and that it was our best interests she was interested in." - Mr and Mrs D.

“We liked the relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. Sex therapy has helped us feel more comfortable discussing our likes/dislikes and exploring our sexuality. Going through this process has enabled us to get closer and rediscover our intimacy for each other”. - B and K.

“Jennifer was so very determined to solve my issues. She is so passionate about the EMDR therapy that she provides that I was readily able to trust her. EMDR has helped me overcome my anxiety about driving and restore my self-confidence when going out and mixing with people. I am now a more confident and positive driver and look forward to going places. I also feel safe and relaxed enough to have my grandchildren travel in the car with me. Jennifer was sent to me from God above. She filled my heart with so much love. I am now back at work and feel like I have my life back. If you consider EMDR therapy, do not hesitate. This will change your life - for the better.” - Mrs T.

"Jennifer was very professional and made us feel comfortable... The regular sessions - and "homework" - really worked for us; in the sessions we were able to talk freely and discuss whatever issues arose... Read More " - Mr and Mrs V.

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"Dear Jennifer I want to let you know our good news - I gave birth to a little baby girl on 25th October. As you know, this would very likely not have been possible without your help and we will always be grateful to you for the part you played in bringing her into our lives. We are all doing well and seem to be coping OK with the lack of sleep, we are utterly in love with her and could not be happier. With our sincere thanks and very best wishes." - Mr & Mrs B.

"Jennifer is very nurturing and non-judgemental. She made me so comfortable that I was able to open up about topics that I never thought I would discuss with anyone." - Miss E.

“One of the most helpful aspects of sex therapy was that Jennifer helped me gain better understanding of sex and sexuality. That it is more about accepting of myself and being comfortable with my sexual being. Mindfulness was also a great suggestion, which really helped me to be in tune with my body and the self-focus exercises enable me to be aware of sensations that I had not noticed before.” - Miss M.

“Sex therapy was a great approach to changing my mentality about sex in general as well as for specific sexual problem. The initial history taking was made less daunting and challenging by the warmth and genuine interest Jennifer showed. Jennifer gave very clear rationale of the treatment programme with appropriate tasks and instructions, which helped me make real progress every week.” - Mr. Z.

"Jennifer was very easy to open up to, interested in me as a person and non-judgemental. I found that the counselling really helped me to think problems through and come up with my own conclusions." - Mrs. D.

"Jennifer has a calm and warm approach; frank and direct when required. The treatment exercises helped to build gradually on our intimacy." - Mr and Mrs G.

"We have really, honestly valued our time with you Jennifer and the effort you have put in to helping us sort out our problems. We are both in a much happier place and we are so happy we booked that first session with you! You have such a lovely and supportive manner and we will most definitely recommend you to anyone if ever they are struggling with similar issues as we were. Many thanks again and all the best for the coming year." - Mr and Mrs T.

"I'm very happy with Jennifer's counselling. Through her professional way of listening, assessing and diagnosis, I reached the very root cause of my problem and managed to solve it. Her gentle way made me feel secure and very relaxed. The hypnotherapy I had with her was marvellous with very positive outcomes. Also, she is a very good mediator for couple’s issues. She taught me and my husband a very efficient way of communicating to overcome conflicts. I very much recommend her to all that seek counselling in any walk of life." - Mrs V.

"Having suffered a traumatic accident and subsequent injuries at the beginning of May, I began to experience panic attacks, struggled with sleeping without constantly recalling the incident and felt quite emotionally vulnerable. I was advised to try EMDR therapy and was recommended to Jennifer. I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical prior to my first session as I had neither considered any form of counselling before nor fully understood the benefit that it could bring having been brought up with the mantra of ‘pull yourself together and get over it’. From the outset I found Jennifer extremely supportive and compassionate and was able to open up to her about the trauma and the resultant anxiety that I had been suffering. I am amazed that with Jennifer’s support and guidance, it took only 4 sessions for me to be able to work through the trauma and, whilst not forgotten, there is no longer any anxiety attached to it and I feel far more emotionally stable. Jennifer taught me that it is not a sign of weakness to acknowledge and ask for help and I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this particularly emotionally challenging chapter of my life". - Mrs H.

"EMDR was something I'd heard about and been intrigued by, and as Jennifer was explaining it to me before the first attempt, I found myself fairly sceptical. And then as soon as we started, the scepticism was gone, as I felt like the present melted away and I was dropped immediately into my childhood. There is no way to "fake it," or cheat the system. It's direct, it's potent, and it's effective. Things I'd been able to talk about for years in therapy, I was suddenly able to *feel* my way through. Therefore, the EMDR therapy didn't teach me a new way to hold old traumas, it finally allowed me to put them down once and for all. When I think about those things now, they're not charged, and therefore they don't control the way I feel about and respond to present situations. It's been a surprising, enlightening, productive couple of months. I'm grateful for your help." - Miss S.

“This has been a very positive experience. Jennifer put us at ease quickly and effectively; she provided a warm safe environment for discussion. Jennifer was supportive, we always felt listened to, understood and guidance was given at appropriate stages of the sex therapy programme”. - Mr and Mrs F.

"After 19 years together, two children, and a bruising few years of health and other difficulties, we found that we were deeply unhappy and had lost the connection between us;... Read More " - Mr and Mrs B.

“EMDR has been life changing. It enabled me to work through my fear of ‘out of control and anxiety around harming myself and death’. It also helped me process my childhood hurt and upset of not being liked and guilty feelings of letting others down. I am now back to being myself carrying feelings of power in my life.” - Mrs L.

“Two years ago, I was bullied badly at work. Since then, I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. After a short course of EMDR treatment with Jennifer, I was able to put the trauma behind and hold a positive belief about my self-worth as a successful entrepreneur.” - Mr. R.

“After suffering with PTSD for many years (from a previous abusive marriage) and experiencing ongoing horrific nightmares, I contacted my GP. I was put on antidepressants and over time the dosage increased as my anxiety and the severity of my nightmares increased. My GP referred me to a therapist who suggested I had EMDR treatment. I researched this treatment on the internet and had mixed feelings about it. I contacted Jennifer and she quickly reassured me that EMDR was an effective treatment. I found Jennifer a wonderful person. She explained everything in layman’s terms and was very easy to talk to. She never judged me on anything I said, just encouraged me to talk honestly. My first session was just discussing my life and feelings. The EMDR started at my second session. After that session I felt light headed and rather emotional. Immediately, my nightmares were less horrific as my body was not reacting to the fear. The night sweats and racing heart were dramatically reduced. As the sessions progressed, the dreams became more bearable. My daytime mood improved as I had more satisfying sleep and reduced anxiety. After a few sessions, I already felt ready to consider reducing my antidepressants (under my doctor’s supervision) and now I am on a lower dose of my antidepressants. Although I still have the occasional nightmare, I don’t have the flashbacks, sweats, racing heart or teeth grinding. I am not afraid to go to bed, and I have a good night’s sleep (6 weeks’ after my EMDR therapy).” - Mrs T.

"Therapy was something I never thought I needed, but after attending sessions with Jennifer I now realized I only survived during the stressful times in my life, I never thrived. Jennifer has taught me so many useful skills, including EMDR techniques that are extremely beneficial to put in to practice when stressed or overwhelmed. Now I don't overthink and stress about choices I need to make and I also know how to calm myself when feeling anxious. Working with Jennifer was an absolute joy. I always looked forward to our sessions, and I'm impressed to see what we were able to accomplish in just two months." Mrs P