" My wife and I met with Jennifer to deal with problems I was having with sex. We were unsure about counselling at first as we were unsure how we would feel talking about our sex lives with a stranger, but Jennifer was very professional and made us feel comfortable doing so. The regular sessions - and "homework" - really worked for us; in the sessions we were able to talk freely and discuss whatever issues arose. Ultimately, we were able to resolve the problems and are now enjoying a very healthy sex-life. There were times when we were seeing doctors that we thought that we might not be able to resolve our problems, but Jennifer helped us get to a point where we have - she was certain from the outset that we would be able get through it and was a source of positivity throughout.
We are hugely grateful to the time effort Jennifer put into helping us. We could not have done it without her.
For anyone considering sex therapy, my wife and I fully recommend it. It can be hard to deal with, so having a third person to talk openly to is a huge help in itself. The process wasn't short, but it was worth every penny and every hour to get to where we are now." - Mrs and Mr V.

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