"My husband and I sought Jennifer's help when our relationship was in great trouble. After 19 years together, two children, and a bruising few years of health and other difficulties, we found that we were deeply unhappy and had lost the connection between us; we were losing each other and were in great pain. Having decided that counselling was the best way forward to either save or end our marriage, we were looking for someone non-judgmental who could offer us the safe space we needed to have some difficult conversations. Jennifer saw us together, then we had an individual session each, before we came together for our final joint sessions. Throughout it all Jennifer was empathetic and gentle, and helped us to see how we were making each other feel unsupported and lonely, even though we loved each other dearly. We had lost the spark that makes two people want to stay together. Through our sessions, and being open to the process, Jennifer guided us back to a place that I can honestly say is happier than we have ever been. We have a better understanding of each other and can communicate with each other with insight, and so can better support and care for each other's needs. We have brought difficult things to the surface, and Jennifer helped us to deal with these things in a compassionate and caring way. We are deeply grateful for the help Jennifer gave us when we were at our lowest point. Our relationship is growing all the time, and we are looking forward to a loving future together. Thank you so much Jennifer." - Mr and Mrs B.

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