"Jennifer is very calming, encouraging and great at looking at things from the outside in to acknowledge and reflect back to you what you’re feeling and work with you to resolve any issues. She doesn’t do this for you – you have to do the hard work, and sometimes this is difficult but it’s so very worth it when you come out the other side. She helps bring clarity to your situation so you can make decisions and move forward.

We can now talk more easily; we’ve broken down some of the barriers that were there, and we have ways of tackling things if and when things get tough again in the future. The biggest thing for us was realising we’re still a priority for each other and so we had to make time to reconnect a priority.

My husband was very sceptical when we first started this, in fact he had resisted even the merest suggestion of therapy for the previous 10 years, thinking we didn’t need a 3rd party to help us out and that we should be able to sort things on our own. As a last-ditch attempt, I ended up coming along on my own for the first few weeks until curiosity got the better of him. He didn’t really like his first few weeks and threatened to give up on more than one occasion but then he started to see some results. Now he’s experienced this, he can see what a huge benefit it is to have someone neutral involved. It’s stopped us going around in circles and not getting anywhere, we can talk more openly when there’s an issue so there’s no resentment and we’ve found ways to reconnect more genuinely so we can now move forward again. I only wish we’d done this sooner!

Just to say a big thank you, Jennifer – I felt immediately at ease with you and I think my husband did too, even if it took him a while longer to relax into it! I still feel there’s a way to go but we’re so much better at recognising when there’s an issue and tackling it there and then so it doesn’t build up into anything bigger, which is a great relief and means we can enjoy a much calmer, happier life." - Mr and Mrs S.

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